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Our Community

Woodside, California, in San Mateo county, is 3 miles South of Redwood City, California (center to center) and 20 miles West of San Jose, California. The town benefits from easy access to the nearby cities and towns with which it shares the San Francisco metropolitan area. Woodside contains a population of approximately 5,352.

Points of Interest


Buck's (a story told)

Betty Monroe runs into her Father at Buck’s
My new friend Betty Monroe came into Buck’s a little while back. She sat next to a photograph on the wall and there she saw her father looking back from a picture taken in 1918 when he was mule skinner (archaic term for a mule wagon driver) for the army. On Nov. 11th, 1918 he with 30,000 of his comrades posed in the shape of the U.S. Emblem for a photo at Camp Custer in Battle Creek Michigan. Thomas Mole shot a series of ten photos all on patriotic themes using the ten’s of thousands of soldiers who were about to be sent to the European theater. On the day the Emblem was shot the shooting stopped in Europe. All ten are available from the Library of Congress. They were posed with artificial foreshortening in that there a few dozen men in the first rows and progressively more to the back making it look as if it was shot from a much higher place than the actual 70 foot tower Mole used.

Buck’s of Woodside
3062 Woodside Rd.
Woodside CA 94062

Woodside Bakery

For ‘two-star’ Italian cuisine, try Woodside Bakery And Café in Woodside. Know before you go: this place features outdoor dining. When you step inside the restaurant, you'll notice a family atmosphere. Featuring inexpensive meals, the restaurant features delivery and valet parking. Especially good for groups.

3052 Woodside Rd
Woodside, CA 94062

Alex's Bella Vista

Established in 1927, the Bella Vista Restaurant retains the "roadhouse" feel of the original French country inn. With our menu of French and Italian continental cuisine, fine china, white linens, and tuxedoed waiters, the Bella Vista is a combination of old-world elegance and upscale dining. It has become a favorite "special occasion" destination on the Peninsula and is regularly featured as the "most romantic" dining experience in guides and reviews. The Bella Vista has won the prestigious Wine Spectator "Best of Award of Excellence" annually since 1999 for it's extensive wine list featuring over 600 fine wines.

13451 Skyline Blvd.
Woodside CA 94062

Alice's Restaurant

You don’t’ have to be a biker to love this place. They are known for their burgers, but salad lovers will really like their salads (mahi or shrimp Caesar are great). Weekend breakfasts are highly recommended as are the onion rings and garlic fries. Midday is the best time to catch the bikers roaring in and out on an assortment of fine and often custom machines. (Look but don’t touch!) Alice’s is centrally located and a great stop if you are touring Skyline and the redwoods, or if you are heading to the coast. Located at the interesection of Skyline (Hwy 35) and Woodside Road (Hwy 84). It’s about 10 minutes from downtown Woodside and 25 minutes from Palo Alto.

17288 Skyline Blvd.
Woodside, CA 94062




Woodside Pony Club

The Woodside Pony Club (WPC) is a local chapter of the United States Pony Club (USPC). The mission of the USPC is to provide a program for youth that teaches riding, mounted sports and the care of horses and ponies, thereby developing responsibility, moral judgment, leadership and self-confidence. They offer small group riding instruction throughout the school year for children seven to twenty-one years of age.
Come ride !

P.O. Box 620113
Woodside, CA 94062

Cypress Ridge Ranch

combining " …the classic art of Horsemanship with the classicHorse of Spain"

Cypress Ridge Ranch is housed on 140 acres of diverse woodland along Skyline Blvd. In Woodside, California, only 20 minutes away from San Francisco.

It includes a 240' x 180' indoor, lighted performance arena and an outdoor sand arena. Both are surrounded by wide, safe bridle paths.

The property also includes 24 hour supervision, hot/cold wash racks, tack rooms and other amenities.

There is a 40 Stall Show Barn, 30 Stall/Paddocks and 6 pastures and accommodations for brood mares and weanlings.

Cypress Ridge Ranch is a full service facility with a wide range of services for you and your horse.

12670 Skyline Blvd. Woodside, CA 94062


Williams Ranch

Williams Ranch, family-owned since 1853, is a relaxed boarding environment for both you and your horse.  Situated in the Santa Cruz Mountains and only 15 minutes from downtown Woodside, our 150 acre property provides bright clean stalls, large & small pastures, and beautiful vistas stretching all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Pam McReynolds, Barn Manager
12680 La Honda Rd. Woodside, CA


Purisima Creek Ranch

Purisima Creek Ranch is a private ranch and horse stable in the San Francisco Bay Area. The ranch is nestled in the serene valley formed by the Purisima Creek on its way down from Skyline Boulevard towards the Pacific Ocean.

Featuring training and competing for horses, endurance riding and polo. Purisma is known throughout the California endurance rides. The proximity to the ocean allows the featuring of high-quality specialty products such as cold smoked wild Pacific or Alaskan salmon and halibut, as well as marinated graved lox.



Wonderlich Park

Wunderlich Park, a hillside area of redwood forest, open meadows, and beautiful oaks and madrones, this area was once the ranch of the Folger family and was donated to the County by Martin Wunderlich. The park is largely open space, with a system of beautiful trails. Both, riding and hiking are available. Wunderlich Park offers numerous trails, some for horseback riding and hiking, and some for just hiking. Trails run along gulches and creeks, others take you to breathtaking views of the countryside, and all traverse unique hillside habitats.

4040 Woodside Rd
Woodside, CA 94062-2545, US

Hudart Park

The forested slopes and steep, cool canyons of Huddart Park are located within easy reach of the population centers of the San Francisco Peninsula. The park is only 3.5 miles west of Highway 84. With barbecue pits, a playground, grassy meadows, and hiking and riding trails, Huddart Park makes a great place to have a picnic or even explore a redwood forest!

1100 Kings Mountain Road, Woodside, CA 94062

Windy Hill Open Space Preserve

This 1,312-acre preserve features open grassland ridges and forests of redwood, fir, and oak. Peninsula Open Space Trust, a local non-profit land trust, provided major support for acquisition of this preserve. Visitors, hikers and equestrians can meander through a variety of habitats along the preserve’s 12 miles of trails.

located in the Town of Portola Valley, CA

El Corta Medera Open Space

Thirty-six miles of multi-use trail are available for exploration at this 2,817-acre preserve. While the El Corta Medera Open Sapce preserve is extremely popular with bicyclists, it also has lots of hearty hiking and horseback riding opportunities. Visitors to the preserve will find mixed evergreen and redwood forests, creekside trails, coastal and forest views, and enjoy special features such as rare sandstone formations.

off Highway 35 (Skyline Boulevard), about 4 miles north of Highway 84 (La Honda Road)

Sam McDonald Country

Sam McDonald, a unique and interesting 850-acre facility, is located approximately 3 miles west of La Honda on Pescadero Road. The park actually represents contrast between two separate natural environments. The northwesternly half, near 400 acres between Pescadero Road and Highway 84, is principally a lush growth redwood forest. The 450-acre portion, southeasterly , is primarily open ridge, grassy knolls and patchy brush areas. From this ridge area, vistas of the Butano and Skyline Ridges, and the Pacific Ocean can be seen.

Pescadero Road off Highway 84 in La Honda, CA

San Mateo Memorial Park

There's a humbling feeling when you're in the presence of redwoods. A gentle peace envelopes you like a fog that drifts in. This peace is found every day at San Mateo Memorial Park. Its 499 acres provides an opportunity to view outstanding old-growth redwoods and has picnic facilities, a visitor center, a camp store, a creek swimming area, and campfire programs. The park is known for its family camping areas and the Tan Oak and Mt. Ellen Nature Trails.

All programs and facilities may not be available, and are subject to change.
Please call the park at (650) 879-0238.

9500 Pescadero Creek Road, Loma Mar 94021

Portola Redwoods State Park

The Portola Redwoods State Park has a rugged, natural basin forested with coast redwoods, Douglas fir and live oak. Eighteen miles of trails crisscross the canyon and its two streams, Peters Creek and Pescadero Creek. A short nature trail along Pescadero Creek introduces visitors to the natural history of the area. Visitors can see clam shells and other marine deposits from the time when the area was once covered by the ocean. The park has one of the tallest redwoods (300 feet high) in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Alpine Road off Highway 35


Pescadero Creek County Park

This vast parkland of 8,020 acres is comprised of San McDonald, Memorial, and Heritage Grove parks. The park contains a significant amount of forest and watershed related resources. Pescadero Creek, which flows all year round, is a major Steelhead spawning stream. The stream is an important steelhead trout habitat and may be restored for coho salmon.

9500 Pescadero Creek Road, Loma Mar, 94021

Skeggs Point

Fire Road and single track, difficulty ranges from "take the kids" to "see the face of God as he turns you and your aluminum steed into a sticky red ball..." Skeggs is also known as El Corte de Madera OSP. the terrain is 2nd growth redwood forest surrounding some superb single track and some awesome Kamikaze down hills. if you just want to do a quick 8 mile loop Skeggs'll have something just for you. If you want a multi-mile vomit fest all you need to do is link a couple of loops together. Single track lovers should be sure to check out: Fir trail, Manzanita trail, Giant salamander trail, Resolution trail. And an evil, nasty faceplant waiting to happen, called "Nose Break" (this track is unmarked – however it is legal as of this writing 1/2/99). Ask someone at the trailhead where this little bite is located, if said person is bleeding, he probably knows. As for you fire road lovers you need to try: Timberview trail, (high speed and big woop de woops make for some geat fun in the air) Gordon mill trail is cool too- BUT - it leads directly to the bottom of Timberview, which unless you're Ned Overend, or like pain and lactic acid build up, is better downhill. other good fire roads include, Tifoni trail, the first halves of Fir trail, Methuselah trail and El Corte Madera Trail. you can obtain a trail map at the trail head for no charge. Helmets are mandatory and the speed limit is 15 mph. on weekends and nice days watch out for hikers, horses and park rangers.

Directions to Trailhead
From San Fransisco: Run down I-280 to 92 west, take 92-west to skyline blvd. turn onto southbound skyline for about ten miles. Skeggs point is the vista point, on the left hand side of the road. (You'll recognize it by the long rock retaining wall.) DO NOT TURN LEFT INTO THE PARKING LOT FROM S. BOUND SKYLINE THIS IS ILLEGAL, AND ON WEEKENDS USUALLY THERE IS A COP JUST WAITING FOR SOME POOR SLOB, FAT TIRE DIRT MONKEY TO MAKE THAT ILLEGAL LEFT TURN, DRIVE DOWN SKYLINE FOR A QUARTER MILE AND USE THE TURNOUT TO FLIP A U. (there is also limited parking at said turnout so you can access the southern area of the park.)

Woodside/ San Mateo

Above review excerpt courtesy:

Crystal Springs Water Shed

Locked in the heart of the San Francisco Peninsula is a precious jewel: the Crystal Springs watershed. It's like the Hope Diamond - a beautiful national treasure that you can see, but can't touch. Until recently (see below), most of these 23,000 acres of wild and pristine lands were off-limits to all but authorized personnel. Unless you had special authorization, the only way to see all of the Crystal Springs watershed was from the air Before 2003, the only publicly-accessible areas were Hwy 280, the Sawyer Camp Trail, and a few areas to the left of San Andreas and Crystal Springs reservoirs.

Visited by approximately 300,000 people a year, Sawyer Camp Trail is one of the most popular trails in San Mateo County. Located in the scenic Crystal Springs Watershed, the entire linear trail, including the proposed trail expansions, will be renamed the Crystal Springs Trail and is envisioned to provide an uninterrupted, non-motorized, multi-use route from the City of San Bruno to the Town of Woodside.

Sawyer Camp Trail
Skyline Blvd. & Crystal Springs Rd.

Crystal Springs






Seabiscuit Ranch

"… home of the legendary champion racehorse, Seabiscuit, who captured the emotional spirit of America with his tenacity, endurance, winning spirit and passion."

Seabiscuit Ranch vineyards are located on a southern portion of the original Ridgewood Ranch. Located just 20 miles from the Mendocino coastline, these small, award-winning vineyards are perched at an altitude of 1,000 feet on steep slopes of the Pacific Coastal Mountain range. Vines are nurtured and harvested entirely by hand according to sustainable growing practices.

Grapes from Mendocino County's Redwood Valley appellation are uniquely flavorful, complex, and well-balanced. Here, warm days contrast with cool nighttime temperatures. These dramatic daily temperature swings offer the qualitative edge to fruit harvested from one of California's northernmost viticulture districts.

A book we like that describes the ranch in breathtaking detail:
"Ridgewood Ranch - Home of Seabiscuit" by Joni Buron

161 Fox Hollow Road
Woodside, California 94062

Thomas Fogerty Winery [wine tasting]

Few wine regions on earth can match the climates, soils and vertigo-inducing views of the Santa Cruz Mountains appellation. Situated at 2000 feet above sea level our estate offers a rare confluence of great vineyard sites and sweeping panoramas of the San Francisco Bay area. Founded in 1981 by Dr. Thomas Fogarty, a Stanford cardiovascular surgeon and world-renowned inventor, the winery produces single-vineyard Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays, Merlots and Cabernets that capture the unique character of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The 325 acre estate Thomas Fogarty Winery and Vineyard is one of the San Francisco Peninsula's most respected wineries.

19501 Skyline Blvd
Woodside, CA 94062



Filoli Estate

“…one of the finest remaining historical country estates of the early 20th century”

Located thirty miles south of San Francisco on the eastern slope of the Coast Range, the 654-acre Filoli estate contains as its central portion a historic house and sixteen acres of formal garden. The house was occupied from 1917 to 1936 as a private residence for its original owners, William Bowers Bourn II and his wife, Agnes Moody Bourn. In 1937 the property was sold to Mr. and Mrs. William P. Roth, who continued to maintain and enrich the estate. Mrs. Roth donated Filoli to the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1975. Tours are now availabke !

86 Cañada Road, Woodside, California 94062

Old Woodside Store and Museum

Twining Rope, Dr. R.O. Tripp and Mathias Parkhurst built the Woodside Store in 1854. Early customers included loggers chopping down the redwoods. Dr. Tripp sold them everything from work boots and ax handles to flour and ham. When farmers settled in the area, the Woodside Store served as their county store, post office, and community center until 1909.

Storekeepers at Woodside Store Dr. Tripp made frequent trips to San Francisco to get supplies. Anything you wanted, he could get. Browse the shelves of the Woodside Store, restored to its 1880s appearance, and see the goods available in the mid to late 1800s – from canned fruit and frying pans to nails and sewing machines.

3300 Tripp Road ,
Woodside, CA 94062

Woodside Recreation Committee

The Woodside Recreation Committee meets the first Thursday of each month at 7:30pm in Independence Hall.


Town of La Honda

La Honda (Highway 35/Skyline Blvd.) is well known as one of the birthplaces of the Psychedelic era. Ken Kesey, the author of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (pages of which were written all over the restroom wall of his La Honda residence) , Sometimes a Great Notion, Demon Box, Sailor Song and other books, owned a home in La Honda, which served as the base of operations for The Merry Pranksters where they used LSD (at one time this was legal!) and other drugs.

The escapades of Kesey and the Merry Pranksters are documented in Tom Wolfe's The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, which describes the wildly painted school bus, 'Furthur,' driven by Neal Cassady, who had been the frenetic driver in Jack Kerouac's On the Road. Today, Neil Young lives on a 1500-acre (6 km²) ranch near La Honda.

'The La Honda house' where Kesey's adventures became famous is one mile west of Applejack's saloon - has been faithfully restored after years of neglect and a near catastrophic flood in 1998, although the road sign on the bridge no longer exists: "No Left Turn Unstoned".


Sky Londa

‘Sky Londa’ is an unincorporated neighborhood located in the beautiful coastal mountain range west of Woodside in San Mateo County. The neighborhood gets its name based on its location at the crossing of La Honda Road and Skyline Boulevard. The setting is rural and scenic, consisting of ranch style houses surrounded by nature. The main social hub of this community can be found at the intersection of highways 84 and 35. This intersection is referred to as “The Four Corners” and has everything the community could need. This is where the locals go for gas, groceries at Roberts Market, and to dine at Alice’s Restaurant. The Four Corners is also a favorite stopping point for tourists. Bicyclists, hikers, motorcyclists, and nature enthusiasts enjoy visiting this location. The residents of ‘Sky Londa’ utilize a bulletin board in ‘The Four Corners’ for neighborhood communication.



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